Product Details

Here are some more pictures of the product, to give you a better idea of what you will get.

Those animations are pretty cool, but owning a real Snorer's Friend ® is even cooler.

If you buy one, you can make your own 3D animations... simply hold your Snorer's Friend ® at arm's length and look at it. Twiddle it around for a great "animated effect". Experiment with different backgrounds by moving to different areas of your house, or even outdoors. Bend your elbow and move the Snorer's Friend ® in really close to your face for a great "zoom effect". Wow!

Comes with a neat storage case, full fitting and use instructions, and a neat wooden stick so you don't burn your fingers when you are heating it up to mould to your teeth.

BONUS! Each pack contains a free spare mouthpiece and free spare fitting stick! Cool! BONUS!

I even cut one in half, so you can see a cross-section, if you are into that. Here it is.

No Snorers were harmed in the making of this picture.

You can read the Fitting and Usage Instructions that come with the device here.